Thursday, September 13, 2012

InstaTags Description

InstaTags App: for organizing and managing hash tags to use on Instagram™ photos. Get more likes and follows with the most relevant #tags.

First and fore­most, tags are descriptive. They can also aid sig­nif­icant­ly in con­tent dis­cov­ery, allow­ing users to gain more expo­sure for the images they pub­lish using the wild­ly pop­u­lar mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram™. Tag­ging pho­tos with the right terms at the right time can lead to a flood of likes and new follower. 

InstaTags App is here to help you achieve all that and more.


My Tags: 
Add your own tags to InstaTags

My Lists:
Add tags to and from built-in categories and lists. Add selected tags to your own lists to use over and over.

Select tags based on your current location.

Top Tags:
View the 100 top most used tags.

Browse & Discover:
Find and discover photos with specific tag. Even view all tags used by the photo, to save for later use in your list or clipboard.

Find new or similar tags.

Copy and collect your tags you plan to use for on an Instagram photo and export it directly into Instagram app. (Note: Instagram v2.0+ is required) Your tags are also available in iOS clipboard at export or copy from any list or category.

Please be aware there is a tag limit of 30 per post imposed by Instagram™. Don't over tag your photos. 

InstaTags uses Instagram's public API. InstaTags is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Instagram™ or their affiliates. InstaTags does not have any business relationship with Facebook™.